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Common Mistakes when Melting Wax in a Spa

A professional wax warmer will make waxing hair removal easier and more convenient. All you have to do is to put the wax pot in the warmer and once you turn it on, the wax will melt. There are a few mistakes that are commonly made when using a wax warmer and some of them are listed below:

  • Having the wrong wax warmer in the spa: You should consider the space in your spa before buying the wax warmer. Do not buy a wax warmer that will take up all the space in the spa, making it difficult to accommodate other essentials.

A wax warmer is known for its scent throw, and if you need a light scent throw, a smaller warmer will be the best option. If on the other hand, you need a stronger scent throw, a larger warmer will be the best.

  • Use of the wrong waxing pot: You should ensure that the wax pot that you put in your wax warmer is of high quality if you want to have longer hours of fragrance in every wax melt. One of the best wax pots is the Waxpops brand that will guarantee over twenty hours of sent in every melt. A cheap waxing pot will only add more work as the wax warmer will require frequent cleaning.
  • Not changing the wax inside the waxing pot: If the wax inside the waxing pot is left for a long time without changing it, the scent that is produced by the wax warmer will not be felt. To avoid working with an unscented wax, you should replace the wax as soon s you notice that you can no longer feel the scent.
  • Use of oil burners instead of a wax warmer: Some people will use oil burners instead of wax warmers when heating wax. This will result in overheating of the wax where it will produce a very strong scent and after a short while, the scent will reduce until it can no longer be felt. This will lead to wastage of wax as one will be forced to change it after only a short while.
  • Leaving the wax overnight in the warmer: Some aestheticians will forget or simply overlook the removing of the wax that remains in the waxing pot after attending to the last client of the day. Others will make the situation worse by leaving the warmer connected to the electric current for the entire night. It is important to make it a habit to clean the wax warmer immediately you finish with the last client.

Failure to cover the top of the wax warmer so that wax will not drip when applying on a client is also a mistake that would lead to staining of the wax warmer. A stained warmer will not portray a good image to the clients who come in for a waxing hair removal and some may think that you are unhygienic. Doing things the right way when waxing will boost the confidence that your customers have in you and this will make them refer many others to your spa.


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