Precautions While Undergoing an Oil Massage Therapy after Delivery

Massage oils are of great benefit when they are used in post-natal massage. Precautions should, however, be taken when using massage oils so that both the mother and her newborn baby will be safe. These are:

  • Herbal essential oils should be diluted before use: The use of herbal essential oils in their undiluted form may lead to irritation of the skin which may not be healthy for the mother.
  • Do not use essential oils in parts of the body that the baby will need to get into close contact with. If the baby comes into contact with such oils, she may develop some allergic reactions which will make her very uncomfortable. Some of the places to avoid are the breast region, especially on the nipples.
  • Do a test patch before the actual massage; you should apply a little amount of the massage oil on a small part of the body to test if it will be safe to use during the massage. If no allergic reaction occurs, the massage can proceed. An allergic reaction will be characterized by a rash or irritation.
  • Ensure that the massage oil that will be used does not contain ingredients such as peppercorns or cinnamon. These will lead to irritation of the skin which will make the nursing mother very uncomfortable.
  • Do not allow the massage oils to come into contact with the baby especially the herbal oils as they may not be safe for the baby. The only time you can allow the massage oil to come into contact with the baby is if the oils being used for the massage is the same that is applied to the baby’s skin.
  • When you go to a massage spa, do not agree to be massaged using a massage oil that you do not know the ingredients that are used in making it. You should inquire of every detail before you can allow the massage therapist to use it on you. Even at that, a test patch should be conducted to be sure that the oil will be safe for your skin.

Always remember that a massage oil will only provide maximum benefits if the massage is carried out by a professional.  Seek to know the reviews from customers who have been getting a post-natal massage from the massage spa so that you can gauge the quality of services offered at the spa. If the reviews from most of the customers who have been massaged are negative, look for a spa that has better reviews as only then can you be assured of getting great services.

Your health and that of your baby comes first and if the massage spa has not put measures to ensure that the massage oils are safe as well as the atmosphere in the spa, do not allow them to carry out the massage.

You should also avoid the use of massage oils that have very strong smells that will be uncomfortable for the baby. When you apply a test patch, hold the baby to test his reaction to the smell; if he seems uncomfortable, do not use the massage oil. For the very young children, use a massage oil that either has no smell or one that has a mild smell.


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