Radio frequency Facial

A radiofrequency facial involves the stimulation of the production of collagen through the use of a machine that has a rounded end. The machine will heat the facial skin by use of a radiofrequency of between 38-40 degrees.

A radiofrequency facial will feel as if a hot stone massage is being carried out in the face. You will feel the heat but it shall not be uncomfortable. Some people may feel a little discomfort as a result of the heat for the thirty minutes that the radiofrequency facial will be ongoing.

This form of massage is appropriate for anyone who feels that her face has lost its firmness and has become dull. The facial will raise the level of oxygen, making the skin more radiant. It will also help in the softening of fine lines, lift the cheeks and make the jawline tighter.

During a radiofrequency facial, a gel will be applied to the skin and once the radiofrequency radiation is directed to the skin, it will facilitate the production of new collagens and after several treatments, the client will have a more youthful look.

During the time that the radiofrequency therapy will be ongoing, the massage therapist will apply some pressure that will feel as though a deep tissue massage is ongoing. The radiofrequency machine will be able to sense when the heat is too much and automatically stop the facial until the skin recovers from the heat and then goes on with the treatment.

The following are the benefits that one will get from a radiofrequency massage:

  • Though a radiofrequency facial will require several sessions for the best results, a change will be visible from the first treatment as the skin will be tighter and youthful after the treatment.
  • A radiofrequency facial uses the healing abilities that naturally proceed from the body and this will mean that even the results will look more natural and will last longer than those other facial treatments that rely on artificial sources.
  • The facial treatment is non-invasive as there are no tools like needles that will go beyond the skin. This will make it possible for the client to get the facial and still carry on with the other tasks of the day.
  • The results of a radiofrequency facial will last for at least two years after the completion of the agreed sessions. The production of collages that had been slowed down as a result of the aging will be enhanced and this will lead to results that will last longer.
  • Unlike other facial treatments like micro needling that are invasive and painful, a radiofrequency facial is relaxing and painless.

A person who will undergo a radiotherapy massage will enjoy a longer lasting regeneration as the new look will be able to last for about two years. The process is also friendly since one does not have to endure pain or any intrusive procedure in the treatment.

Always ensure that you get the right massage therapist who has been trained in the best way of providing a radiotherapy massage. Do not go to cheap spas that will offer substandard services as the results will be as substandard as the process itself.